Model Homes Springing Up

The media may be painting a picture of gloom and doom about the housing market, but the facts are out there - builders are still building, in fact MSNBC announced today that sales were up 5.1% in February. Is now the time to buy? Absolutely!

I heard about a grand opening that Holiday Builders was hosting this weekend in Ft. Worth, so I thought I'd drive out and see what was new. I wasn't the only one that was curious - there was a steady stream of people coming to the homes, and a woman even stopped me on the road who was looking for the homes - that's a buyer ready to buy! Holiday is a multi- state builder that is based in Florida, so I was truly impressed that the President and CEO of Holiday, Kim Shelpman was at the door greeting arrivals. They had two furnished models that were beautiful and had soem great architectural details that were unexpected in this price range. They must be doing something right - one of the spec homes already had a sold sign on it.

There are always buyers for a well built and merchandised home, and I good builder understands this. A model helps create the emotional tie to your homes that will help them decide this is where they want to live.

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