For the Love of The Game

drew-vegas3-1210I am a huge believer in karma, and you just never know where karma will lead you at the most unexpected times. Holiday Builders seems to be my hot topic of conversation this month, but I feel like I have stumbled upon an unearthed gem and it's getting ready to shine in all of it's brilliance. You heard it here first!

My blogs are a way for me to share new trends and ideas I see as well as a place to comment on observations I make about the world around me. One thing that I have noticed lately is how many people who are lucky enough to still have jobs seem to be miserable in them, and that lack of interest in customer service rubs off on the customer. When you are dealing with people in a bad mood it's easy for their attitude to rub off onto you and then you are drawn into the same pattern.

After attending the Holiday Builders Open House in Ft. Worth last week I was invited to their opening in Royce City. I'm still deep into researching the entry level housing market so I was thrilled to be one of the first to see their new homes and get a feel for what Realtors® thought of their new community. It truly was a party, and again I was impressed with the support of their corporate team. They are obviously taking the Texas market seriously, and it showed in the attention to detail and how they rolled out the red carpet. When I entered the home I was amazed to see a legend standing in front of me - Nancy Lieberman! She was amazing - funny, down to earth, and made a point to spend time with I think almost everyone that was there. We are a very serious basketball family, and my niece and nephew hope to play college ball. I was sharing some issues that had come up with the coaching of my nephews team, and Nancy shared with me that what is most important is that you play because you love the game. There will be good times and bad, but if you are playing because you truly love what you do that's all that matters. Nancy loves the game, and I can't think of a better spokesperson, especially with all that she gives back with her kids camps and coaching. It makes me wish I would have had her when I was in school.

Timing is everything, and speaking with her helped to put things into perspective again. I'm a lifestylist® and I'm in housing because I love everything about it. Helping people find their new homes, experiencing their inner-stylist and fulfill their dreams -  there just isn't a better career out there. And it's not just my career, it's my passion, and I felt that passion about housing from all of the Holiday Builders team. They obviously love what they do - that's just something you really can't fake. And even though some of them had only 2 hours sleep the night before with other obligations and traveling, they loved sharing their company's story and they were beaming with pride. They truly seemed to be a team, so having Ms. Lieberman as a coach seemed like the perfect fit and message.

Life is too short to not love what you do. Find out what you are passionate about and share that gift with others. You'll never regret it. Many thanks to Nancy for reminding me of this important lesson. Take a trip out to Verandah in Royce City this weekend to experience the Holiday Builders difference for yourself!

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