Is The Dallas Museum Tower a Good Neighbor?

One of the best things this Lifestylist® ever did was to buy  The Home Idea Factory. Not only do I have space to try out new ideas and to foster lots of rescue animals, but I'm also only a few miles from the Dallas Arts District. - This wonderful gem is tucked away in downtown Dallas and you can experience the best in the culinary arts, discover new artists or ones that you have always read about, and appreciate what Mother Earth has graced us with in the Nasher Gardens or at the new Klyde Warren Park.
When I was driving to one of my favorite events - 'Til Midnight at The Nasher - I was literally blinded while I was driving over the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. I'd heard about all of the controversy surrounding the new Museum Tower, but it wasn't until I seriously couldn't see while I was driving 45 miles an hour on a highway because of it did I realize how dangerous it is - not only to the Arts District but to motorists driving down the various highways beside it.
Not only is the Museum Tower getting a reputation for being a bad neighbor - it's going to kill someone.
Let's hope that The Dallas Police and Fire Pension Fund -owners of this $200 million dollar building do something about this issue before someone gets hurt.

Porto Rico Coffee and Teas Celebrates 100+ Years

Tonight Hurricane Sandy is wreaking havoc on New York City and the East Coast. I was just there a few weeks ago enjoying all of the wonderful sights and sounds the city has to offer, and I can't help but worry  about all of the people and businesses that I love going to there.

One of those is Porto Rico Importing Co. on Bleecker St in Greenwich Village. I've been buying my coffee there ever since I had a place in NY, and after I moved I continued to have it shipped to Texas. I knew they had great coffee at amazing prices, but a few days ago I got a flyer from them telling about the history of the family and that the owner's Mom, who has always been a part of the business and lived over the store just had her 100th birthday! I can't imagine the stories she must have as someone who lived in NYC all of her life, but you feel like you are experiencing some of that history just by visiting the store.

To celebrate Rose's 100 birthday they are doing a very special blend. I know I'm going to have to buy a few lbs to celebrate this special occasion -to order yours, you can visit their website or give them a call at: 1-800-453-5908