Teaching by Example


I can't believe that Summer is almost over! This was a really busy one, and there never seems to be enough time to do all of the things I wanted to do.

Yesterday was the last Jr Chef Camp at The Gaylord Texan, and I think it was one of the best. When the 14 kids arrived I was a little worried - none of them had taken the class before and they were all new to each other as well.

After Al taught them about manners and etiquette Chef Joanne Bondy brought them into the Old Hickory Steakhouse kitchen and began to get them excited about cooking. The kids loved being able to be hands on with her and learn different cooking techniques, and by the time the second egg was cracked new friendships had formed and the kitchen was alive with excited voices all having new direction and dreams.

Sometimes even the most simple experience can be the most memorable. The kids got to go out in the Gaylord Texan herb garden and vineyard and were amazed to find that grapes grew on vines!

They had a blast tasting the different grapes and learning about how the herbs tasted. And the pride they all had when they served their parents the meal they made and introduced them to their new friends - just a great event.

Chef Joanne and her team don't just teach kids how to cook at this event - they empower them to try new things and to believe in themselves, and that's a lesson that is priceless.