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Happy New Year!

 Cheers to 2023!

Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays from our kitchens to yours! May your holidays be filled with love, laughter, memories, and of course, great food!

Goodbye to 2020!

Finally! 2020 will be just a memory and 2021 is here to stay. Here' to making the New Year a year full of kindness, moving forward, and new beginnings. 

Street Fairs

One of the best things about living in the city is the street fairs that seem to happen every weekend during the Summer.

Great food, music and new friends.

Rainy Days in Dallas

It has been a very rainy month in Dallas, and because of that the Trinity River has risen to almost record levels. One of the things this has caused is great photo opportunitues - we joined lots of other photographers last night to capture the reflection of downtown Dallas on the water.

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Happy Cinco De Mayo! We are celebrating by attending a tequila tasting and these are our favorites.

Shopping Locally at the Dallas Farmers Market

We are huge believers in buying locally and supporting our local business owners. Fortunately for us, The Dallas Farmers Market is located in the heart of downtown Dallas and offers not only the freshest fruits and vegetables, but they have also become a destination of various artisan products and dining destinations.

When the Market opens in June, there will be 20 new vendors that will make this the ultimate foodie destination. We are especially excited about Stocks & Bondy - the new concept by Chef Joanne Bondy. Such a timely idea in the perfect location!